600D Polyester Bag(1), 7.5″ Shears(1), 4″ Emergency Bandage, Alcohol Wipes(10), Adhesive Bandages: Butterfly – Large(5), Butterfly – Medium(5), Large(5), Standard(30), Square(5), […]

  • Everyone needs to have a PHYSICAL copy of a first-aid manual, and what better one to have than the one from the US Army. It doesn’t matter if the grid goes down, a SHTF situation or even if you are just camping or […]

  • With just-add-water preparation and no-mess cleanup, Mountain House is not only the perfect camping or backpacking food, but also for keeping on hand just in case of an emergency. Additionally Mountain House meals […]

  • A compact survival hatchet is worth its weight in lifesaving warmth and shelter. Especially when it weighs in at less than a liter of water, like the 1.4 pound. Bear Grylls Survival Hatchet designed by Gerber. The […]

  • When the grocery stores are closed, or you are away from the conveniences, food will be hard to come by if you are not well prepared. That’s why having a compact fishing rod can be the difference between […]

  • Having water is essential to staying hydrated and alive in a survival situation. Everyone needs one of these for your survival kit.

    Get 20% more water per sip with this brand new Crux Reservoir from Camelbak. […]

  • 1 person, light-weight waterproof and breathable bivi / sleeping bag cover with drawcord closure. Perfect for occasional or emergency use.

    In a survival situation, weather is not your friend. Staying warm is […]

  • Teach your retriever the fundamentals with this hunting dog training book.
    A comprehensive guide to transforming your dog into a valuable wing-shooting companion in the field and at home. Created by Mike Stewart […]

  • This shotgun carrying case makes it easy to carry your shooting essentials.
    A customer favorite for years, crafted of rugged Battenkill canvas with leather accents. Cradles your beloved shotgun for protection on […]

  • The A-iPower SUA2000i inverter generator is great for your outdoor events like concerts, racetracks, parties, camping trips, tailgating, RV’s and more. Powered by A-iPower 79cc engine, this generator provides c […]

  • This Crank Base Camp radio allows you to recharge the radio during a power outage or anytime away from a power source. It uses five different types of power (4 standard “AA” batteries, rechargeable battery pac […]

  • When preparing for a disaster, don’t forget about your furry little friends. But don’t waste your time and money constantly replacing pet food and other supplies when you can get a Pet Survival Kit designed by […]

  • Stay informed, charged up and entertained no matter what comes your way! Sometimes the unexpected takes you by surprise. The lights go out and you’re in the dark, in every sense of the word. That’s why you nee […]

  • This is the best 3-month food supply in the world. Wise offers the highest quality food storage with products made right here in the USA. Wise offers 25 year shelf life and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Servings […]

  • The Leatherman Raptor shears features the necessary tools for uniformed medical professionals to safely and quickly go to work in an emergency situation. Developed with the input of special operations medics, EMTs […]

  • This Floating, ergonomic multi-purpose compass is designed with a high grade steel needle with jewel bearing, and is balanced for the Northern Hemisphere. The attached mirror provides accurate direction taking and […]

  • Just because you’ve been camping for a few weeks doesn’t mean you have to live with the dust and grime from life in the back country. Ultimate Survival Technologies Solar Shower provides a lightweight solar shower […]

  • FEATURES of the Adventure Medical Kits SOL Scout Survival Kit Contains: Compass, Fire Lite™ Sparker, Survival Fishing and Sewing Kit, Survive Outdoors Longer Survival Blanket 96″ x 60″, Mini Rescue Flash™ Sig […]

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