When you want to know how to do something you don’t know, do you ask the internet for help?

When you need it, the internet probably wont be around for fast access to information like we have now. No Google, No Siri, No Wikipedia. The value of an actual, physical, hold-in-your hand book is how our ancestors did it and it is PRICELESS in an actual emergency situation.

Do you know how to grow food? Store food? Prepare food? If so, having a reference to teach your family is another reason why you MUST own a survival manual. If the emergency is and EMP blast, don’t count on that Kindle or phone to work.

Get a physical book for your survival kit. Even if it is not valuable to you, it will have tremendous value to those who do not know how to survive in a real SHTF situation.

Even some books for pure entertainment value will be priceless when there is no more TV, video games and Internet for extended periods of time. Grab some for your bug-out bag while you can.

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Disasters strike every day, but despite the best laid plans you may find yourself in one with only the clothes on your back and without a well packed first-aid ...
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